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Gave Away A Radio

Heathkit HW-8 (aka Hotwater – 8)

When I’m finished using it I’ll be casting about for someone with good ears who is interested in doing QRP the hard way.

The above paragraph was contained the final words of my article QRP the Hard Way.  Late last winter I decided who should receive the HW-8. I mailed it to Bill, K7WXW.

73 de Scott/n7net



Small Wonder 20 – Less than 2W output

R6 Transceiver


My late friend, N7JEU, was a Marine who operated a mobile high-speed communications post mounted in a jeep. His job was to report where his unit’s last heavy artillery struck. Then he had to change locations before Charlie could get fix on his location. I’ve forgotten exact power, but I think it was three or four watts output.

The rig above is very similar to the one he used.

I met him on the 40-meters one cold October night. I was using a rock-bound Heathkit DX-20. He was using a Hotwater 8.

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